My 24th Birthday | Arty Feliz

On this day that marks the 24th year of my existence,
I’m here to share what i’ve learned throughout the year.
This year has been a year of learning to value myself.

To nurture myself spiritually by knowing my inner world and emotions are valid even if others don’t understand.

Gratitude for this life is at upmost importance in order to get back the innocence of enjoying life. Knowing that this is it— this life is enough, allowing you to recognize all the abundance surrounding you.

To allow emotions to pass through my body like a visitor.
To accept what is within my control and what isn’t.
I’m learning to offer grace to those who’ve wronged me — knowing i don’t have to carry that energy. It’s taking some practice 😂
I’ve learned that we don’t choose to experience pain but we do prolong our own suffering by dwelling within the pain.
It wasn’t my fault i was cut but only i know how to heal my wound. I need to stop asking others who don’t know the first aid kit to my soul.
If there’s one word I would give to describe this year its accountability.
Im healing my soul by taking back all the pieces of my heart i gave out hoping to find myself but only i know the road map to my heart —
I’m becoming my own savior.
“He waited for his knight in shining armor to save him — not realizing it would be himself. It was always him. ”

Arty Feliz
Arty Feliz

Arty Feliz is a portrait photographer and writer based in the Inland Empire, CA. Arthur reviews pop culture topics such as books, films, and cosmetics while also being an advocate sharing his experience with Congenital Heart Disease and other chronic illnesses. He's also the Editor in Chief of the indie print publication Fairest Magazine distributed by Magcloud.

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