Finding My Voice | First Blog Post

Have you ever doubted your own power? Or better yet was afraid of it? I have for sometime now. I started this blog to own my voice –– as most of us do when creating an online presence. I’d like to create a space where I am active in communities that I’m apart of, such as the LGBT and Disability community.

I’d also like to dedicate this site to sharing my healing journey, passions, dreams, and joy for life. I’m learning to value myself and access my own sense of self. Something my dog Elphaba had always tried to do.

My dog, Elphaba passed away in February 2023 from a long fight with cancer. I was so grateful to experience life with her. She taught me to be resilient, sassy, loyal, and always rooted for me. She lived for many years, growing up with me –– So her passing made me realize through the pain that: All these years she was rooting for me, holding on, staying here with me until she and the universe knew I was ready to root for myself. To become my own savior.

And that’s exactly, what I’m here to do. I can’t say I’ll always advocate for every issue/cause that is happening in the world but I will share love, art, passion, and breathe life into this blog with wisdom to add to the collective.

Amor, Arty Feliz

Arty Feliz
Arty Feliz

Arty Feliz is a portrait photographer and writer based in the Inland Empire, CA. Arthur reviews pop culture topics such as books, films, and cosmetics while also being an advocate sharing his experience with Congenital Heart Disease and other chronic illnesses. He's also the Editor in Chief of the indie print publication Fairest Magazine distributed by Magcloud.

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