Café Con Lychee Book Review

Review: 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cafe con Lychee was such a treat! If you like enemies to lovers mixed in with indie owned shops this is your cup of tea! ☕️ Not to mention, SOCCER BOYS! ⚽️

This book follows Gabi and Theo, sworn rivals from the competition to keep both their family owned shops afloat, but when a new shop comes to town they learn to work together to sell their pastries and drinks while creating some fun recipes along the way!

This book covers themes such as vulnerability, family dynamics, and authenticity.

I resonate with Gabi most, not only because he comes from latin culture like me but also because he is artistic and struggles with anxiety leading him to overthink a lot.
Gabi is such an expressive soul and Theo is passionate and determined but carries a lot of his families burdens and fears he isn’t good enough.
This is where both boys meet learning they are enough just as they are.

With books like these coming out nowadays, there is a lot more people going to feel seen and heard which will lead to healing. I find that with every queer book I read my inner child begins to heal. A big thank you to @emeryleebooks and @harpercollins for sending over this lovely novel for review.

The ending? I actually didn’t see coming! But totally wrapped up this story wonderfully. There is indeed, a happily ever after.
Cafe con Lychee releases this May 2022
It’s a great spring/summer read! 🤎

Arty Feliz
Arty Feliz

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